Progia Open Learnware

Open Learnware is an on-line learning & teaching platform that integrates Open Education Resources (OER) with a practical set of software tools that make OER delightful to use for schools, educators and the learners.

OpenLearnWare provides a comfortable, seamless learning experience with better comprehension. Using an Internet connected device such as a personal computer, smart phone or a tablet, they can take high quality classes at their own pace, from anywhere and at anytime. The best teachers in the world and top leaders in their fields freely share their knowledge with you 24x7 on the Internet.
The LearnWare courses are fully customizable and can easily be kept up-to-date. With OpenLearnWare, Teachers can use an existing course or build their own course by mixing and matching existing or new materials such as slides, annotation, audio, video, tests, assignments etc.
With OpenLearnWare, schools can offer an online 24x7 learning option to their students with much reduced cost and resources. They can use the platform for testing and grading and can offer specialized certification courses for continuing education.
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