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Open LearnWare is an on-line learning & teaching platform that integrates Open Education Resources (OER) with a practical set of software tools that make OER delightful to use for schools, educators and the learners.


Who uses Open LearnWare and Why?


Open LearnWare provides a comfortable, seamless learning experience with better comprehension. Using an Internet connected device such as a personal computer, smart phone or a tablet, they can take high quality classes at their own pace, from anywhere and at anytime. The best teachers in the world and top leaders in their fields freely share their knowledge with you 24x7 on the Internet.

The LearnWare courses are fully customizable and can easily be kept up-to-date. With OpenLearnWare, Teachers can use an existing course or build their own course by mixing and matching existing or new materials such as slides, annotation, audio, video, tests, assignments etc.
With Open LearnWare, schools can offer an online 24x7 learning option to their students with much reduced cost and resources. They can use the platform for testing and grading and can offer specialized certification courses for continuing education.

Open LearnWare consists of:

  • Back end web based Content Management System (CMS) for creating and storing on-line courses and managing system users.
  • Front end web based interface for taking on-line courses.

Back-end Platform

The back end platform is built on Drupal, a High Performance, Scalable Open Source CMS that facilitates Content Organization, Storage and User Management.  It is easy to use and supports multiple built-in and custom Content Types.  It provides rich text editing for creating and editing content and work flow management for scheduled publishing.  User interaction is provided through Content Comments, Blogs that automatically generate RSS feeds, and Discussion forums.  All content is stored in a database and therefore is protected with the backup capabilities of the CMS.

The back-end platform is a full featured Online Document Management system.
You can organize and manage your 'teaching material' conveniently and safely. It has an intuitive and convenient combination of features and modern Web 2.0 design, presenting the users a familiar interface to organize and find their files. Documents of all type can be stored, edited and viewed in LearnWare.

The core functionality of the platform can be easily extended by adding optional modules (thousands are available from Drupal community or you can write your own).

Hierarchical predefined content types give you the ability to create category/course configurations in a flexible manner  from shallow to deep.

  • Category
    • Optional Sub-Categories
      • Course
        • Session (contains 1 or more of the following materials)
          • Video Lecture (with optional sub-titles)
          • Video Lecture Transcript
          • Assignments
          • Handouts
          • Quiz

This allows you to create new courses and manage existing courses easily and quickly, all you need is material for the course. A course is assigned to a category. It contains one or more sessions consisting of one or more of: a video lecture, lecture transcript, assignments, handouts and a test. The video lectures can be hosted on external "Content Data Networks" such as YouTube or Vimeo. Alternately they could be played from the local server.

User Management

You can add and manage users with configurable profiles and privileges.  Predefined roles such as teacher, student, and site administrator have permissions for accessing, creating and managing content, and performing various administrative tasks. You have the ability to modify these roles or create new roles and assign appropriate permissions to them.

The course administrators can enroll students for specific courses and send out automatic notification, instructions and other reminders as necessary.

The instructors can keep track of enrolled students and their gradebooks.

Front end Reader

Courses are taken via a separate lightweight application with the following features:

  • Fast, user friendly web based software
  • Lets a student take on-line classes
  • Seamlessly integrates and displays multiple media types such as video, audio, text, PDF documents, quizzes, etc.
  • 100% HTML5 compliant

How to use LearnWare to create a New Course

How to use LearnWare to take a Course

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