About Us

About Progia

Progia LLC is a New Jersey, U.S.A based LLC founded in September, 2002 with the mission to provide personalized information that people can use to make informed decisions.

Progia develops state of the art technology & tools to build personalized information products and services. We utilize open source software and open knowledge resources to create innovative solutions optimized for Healthcare and Education Markets.

Progia's Team

Dr. Mahendra Pratap, CEO
Mahendra has a distinguished background as a scientist and as an entrepreneur. Mahendra was employed with AT&T and Lucent Technologies for 20 years where he specialized in video communications, personal computer design, ATM and IP networking.

Mahendra has a PhD in Nuclear Physics and has authored over 2 dozen scientific papers.




Gregory D'Angelo, CTO
Gregory was employed with AT&T, Bell Core, and Lucent Technologies for 20 years where he gained extensive experience in the fields of telecommunications and Voice Over IP.

Gregory holds a Bachelor of Architecture Degree and a Masters Degree in Computer and Information Science from NJIT.




Navin Pathak, VP-Business Development
Navin has worked with premier companies like ITT Industries (Advanced Engineering & Sciences - Defense) and Cable & Wireless.

Navin holds a masters in Engineering Management with core focus on Information Security from George Washington University and a bachelors in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University.




Priyanka Raja, Director-OER Development

Priyanka is an engineer by profession and has previously worked with Wipro Technologies. Passionate about bringing transformation in education sector through the wide adoption of OER, Priyanka is actively involved in training and implementing technology to integrate OER in teaching and learning.