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In this blog, we invite you to share your thoughts and experiences in the practical use of OER. In particular, we will publish here what we learn from the participants in our OER workshops.

1 day hands-on OER Workshop at Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College, Delhi University

Progia LLC in collaboration with Sri Guru Nanak Dev Khalsa College, Delhi University, conducted a 1 day hands-on workshop - "Creating courses using Open Educational Resources(OER)".

28 faculties from various disciplines participated with great enthusiasm. The faculties, who may have never had a gmail account, created & edited videos, developed google site with relevant OER content, uploaded videos on their youtube channel, etc.

Barriers to adopting OER by Colleges in Developing Countries

By Navin Pathak, Vice President and Priyanka Raja, Director - OER Development

It is often claimed that Open Educational Resources are the quintessential examples of best of knowledge but point to ponder is “Are the Best reaching the Rest”? Are we able to really make OER available to all?

Transferring 'CC licensed' Youtube video from one channel to another

Consider a scenario in which you are using a CC licensed Youtube video, which is available on a channel that is not yours, with your students.

One fine day you notice that the video has been removed and is not longer available to our students. So that you don't get stuck in a situation like this, you should have had this video available directly from your Youtube Channel. For this, you first have to download the video to your computer and then upload it to your Youtube Channel.

Training Industry: SOAR with Open Educational Resources (OER)

A lot of transformation is happening in education sector with the advent of Open Educational Resources as a movement. Enormous amount of learning material is available in the space of Open Educational Resources (OER), but the use is mostly limited to academic institutes. There is humongous scope for the training industry to leverage the benefit from OER, especially in the skill development.

Can I change CC license of my work from a more restrictive license to a less restrictive or vice versa?

Consider this scenario where I am the author of a work which I have submitted under OER by giving it a CC license.  Now I want to change the license of my work, how can I do that? I know CC license cannot be revoked but can they be changed by the author?


I have noticed that when I talk about Open Educational Resources (OER),  some people respond by saying they know about MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses).

I am not sure why this confusion persists. It seems to me that they are completely different things.

Using Google hangouts for interactive teaching online

Google Hangouts is Google's free video-conferencing tool. Up to 10 participants can join a Google Hangout at a time.

It's a great way to connect with your students online.

This can also be used to connect your classroom with other classrooms anywhere in the world.

The video below is a good introduction to Google Hangouts and  how to get started.

Finding and Sharing OER for your class

In this post I will be talking about how to find and share the OER learning materials which are available on various OER related websites or portals.

Suppose there are 25 students in your class and you want to use OER learning material for the next session with them.

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