Finding and Sharing OER for your class

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In this post I will be talking about how to find and share the OER learning materials which are available on various OER related websites or portals.

Suppose there are 25 students in your class and you want to use OER learning material for the next session with them.

Finding material
The first step is to search and find the learning materials for this session. To do this, write down the text defining what you are looking for as the learning material to support your lesson.  Define its meta-data i.e. keywords that describe the material. Search and find the material using the keywords. In some cases, you may be able to narrow your results with extra Meta data like author name, source, date of production, language, level of the content, rating of the content etc.
Here, let’s find the learning material licensed under Creative Commons CC-BY.  You can use Google, OER commons, Youtube, connexions, etc. to find the material.

Sharing the selected learning material with students
Now to share the learning material with your students, you can do the following:

Scenario 1: Email the links to the learning material for the session.

You email the links to the learning material to your students before the class. The students go over the learning material and come prepared to the class, where they ask questions and engage in meaningful discussions with you and their peers.

Scenario 2: You place the learning material somewhere online where students come and see the material.

For sharing videos, you can use YouTube.
Log on to using your Gmail account.  Click on icon on the right top side of the page. A side bar menu will appear on your screen. If you are logging-in for the first time you can create and choose settings for your channel from the second option labeled ‘My Channel’.

Go to your channel and create a playlist where you will place the selected videos. You can share the link of your channel with your students. Now students will visit your channel and watch the videos for the upcoming session.

To create a playlist on your YouTube channel:

- Click on ‘Playlists’ in the menu list of your YouTube channel.
- Click on ‘New Playlist’ button on top
-  Write the name you want to give to your playlist
   Next to add the selected videos to this playlist:
-  Start the video that you want to add to your playlist
-  Click on ‘Add to’ button under the video
-  Select the ‘playlist’ which you have just created

In case you have videos and also other form of learning materials that you want to share together, then you can use Google Drive, 

Google Drive is a file storage service by Google which lets you store data, share files, and edit files online.
Since all the learning materials, which you have selected, are ‘online’, all you need to do is to share their links (URLs) with students.

To share these links,

i.    Go to Google Drive and sign-in using your Gmail account.
ii.    Click ‘CREATE’ button. From the drop down menu, click on ‘Folder’ and give it a name. Name can be the title of the course you are teaching. For example, ‘Biology 101’.
iii.    Choose the new folder you have created
iv.    Click ‘CREATE’ button again and this time select the option ‘Document’ from the drop down menu.
v.    Now, here, copy-paste the links of the 2 videos, document and website you have selected as the learning material for your next session.
vi.    Save the file and give it a name. Here, name can be the title of your next session.
vii.    Finally, to give your students the access to this folder and its contents, go to the folder, select the first icon with a ‘+’ sign on the right side of your screen, write down the email addresses of your students, give them rights (edit or view) and press ‘Done’.
The students, whose email addresses you just provided, can sign-in Google Drive using their Gmail ids and access the material.

Another way to share your content is through Google Sites. Currently you have a video and a text document as a part of your session. Of course you can share more learning materials using your Google site.

Before you begin this exercise, write down the description of 1) the course, 2) the session for which you have customized the learning material and 3) both the video and the text.
For creating website on Google Site, follow the steps below:

1.    Open your web browser and go to the Google Sites Homepage.
2.    Sign in to your Google account. Click on ‘Create’ button as shown in screenshot below.


3.    For template there are many choices. You select ‘Blank’ for this exercise.
4.    Give a name to your site. The name should be unique. Example: Communication Skills
5.    Under ‘Theme’, again there are many choices.  You select ‘Simple’ temple for this exercise. Type the code shown in Red  and click the ‘Create’ button.
Your Google site is created. In case you see a message ‘The location you have selected is not available’ then you have to change the name of your site till your website is created.
 6.    To edit your Home page, click on ‘Edit Page’ icon (this is the 1st icon with a pencil made on it)

7.    Type the name of your page and write description of the course. Click Save on top right corner of this page.
8.    Next, to create the session and add the video and text file to it, you will add a new page to this site. To do this, click on New page icon (this is the second icon with a '+' sign on it) on the top right side of your site.
9.    Type the name that you want to give to this new page under ‘your page’
10.    For template, select ‘Web Page’
11.    Under ‘Select a Location’, click on the 2nd option from the top.
12.    Click Create. Your Session page is ready.

Next you will add description of the session to this new ‘Session’ page and post your video and document in it. Specifically for sharing video, you will first upload it on youtube and then use it’s ‘youtube link’ to share it on the session page of your site.

Now, to add video and the text document on the session page, follow the steps below.
i.    Go to your session page
ii.    Click Edit, and then click ‘Insert’ on the top left corner of the page and select option ‘Youtube’.
iii.   Copy-paste the URL of your video in the box. This will embed your video within your session page.
iv.   To add text document, click on ‘Add Files’ and select the file from your computer.
v.    After the file is uploaded, click ‘Save’ on top right corner of the page.
Finally, your learning material is on your website.

So these are some of the ways by which as a teacher or trainer you can start sharing your learning material from Open Educational Resources.


This work is licensed under CC-BY, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.


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