Mixing and Matching OER with different CC Licenses

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I am sure most users of OER have faced this question:

" I am creating a derivative work by mixing and matching several Open Education Resources.The Resources have different CC Licenses  associated with them. I would like to know which CC licenses are consistent and compatible with each other to build my work."

I have found the answer becomes rather simple if I first ask myself: under which License, would I like to release my work?

The answer to this question determines in the most straightforward way, which materials I can mix and match to create my derivative work and which materials I should avoid.

If I would like to release my work under:

1. Public domain   : use Public domain materials only
2. CC-BY              : use Public domain or CC-BY materials
3. CC-BY-SA        : use Public domain or CC-BY or CC-BY-SA materials
4. CC-BY-NC        : use Public domain or CC-BY or CC-BY-NC materials
5. CC-BY-NC-SA  : use Public domain or CC-BY or CC-BY-NC or CC-BY-NC-SA materials
6. CC-BY-ND        : use Public domain or CC-BY materials
7. CC-BY-NC-ND  : use Public domain or CC-BY or CC-BY-NC materials


Notice in each case, the materials that can be used should either have the same license as that of the created work or should have less restrictive CC license.

Notice also that in all cases, we have avoided any material with the ND attribute even though I can release my work with the ND attribute (the last two cases in the list).

Of course, you can add your original work to any of these cases.

For completeness, the abbreviations for the licenses are spelled out below.

    CC = Creative Commons
    BY = Attribution
    BY-ND = Attribution-No Derivatives
    BY-NC-ND = Attribution-Non Commercial-No Derivatives
    BY-NC = Attribution-Non Commercial
    BY-NC-SA = Attribution-Non Commercial- Share Alike
    BY-SA = Attribution-Share Alike

This work is licensed under CC-BY, Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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