OER in Action

Open Educational Resources and its Quality

I understand many people are concerned about quality of OER.  Let us see what we are concerned about. Are we implying that every content that is under copyright is of good quality? There are terrific commercial textbooks and there are terrific OER. There are also terrible commercial textbooks and terrible OER. Local experts must vet the quality of whatever resources they choose to adopt, and cannot abdicate this responsibility to publishing houses or anyone else. Therefore, quality is not necessarily a function of copyright status of the material.

Golden Age of Learning

Thanks to the technological advances and the participatory culture of the Internet, learning opportunities are all around us.

In fact, much of the learning now happens outside the class room. An astonishing amount of information about any subject in the world is available just for the asking. This is indeed a golden age of learning with no parallel in the history of the world. Moreover, you can learn on your own terms. You can decide what to learn, when to learn, and how to learn.

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