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Brain, Emotions and Decision Making

Instructor(s): Pratap, Dr. Mahendra
Pratap, Dr. Mahendra

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Mahendra has a distinguished background as a scientist and as an entrepreneur. Mahendra was employed with AT&T and Lucent Technologies for 20 years where he specialized in video communications, personal computer design, ATM and IP networking.

Mahendra has a PhD in Nuclear Physics and has authored over 2 dozen scientific papers.

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Course Description:

Emotions and the feelings guide the behavior of living beings in a way that ensures their survival. In fact we were 'feeling machines' before we were 'thinking machines'.

Emotions play a big part in making decisions: big and small. What determines if  we act impulsively or act in a well thought out analytic manner? These and more will be discussed in the session titled 'how emotions play a key role in decision making".

The capacity to combine both 'emotions' and 'thinking'  to guide their decisions gives humans a  unique edge over other living beings..

Course Sessions:
  • Session 1: Emotions and the Consciousness
  • Content Author(s): Dr. Antonio Damasio

    Session Description:

    Dr. Antonio Damasio, the author of "Self Comes to Mind" discusses the role of emotions in consciousness.

    Emotions are imperative for survival. In fact, we were 'feeling machines' before we were 'thinking machines'. However our thought and, reasoning can help us control our natural response to emotions. Thus we have the best of both possible worlds: emotions and reasoning working together to make bettter decisions.

  • Session 2: How Emotions play a key role in Decision Making
  • Content Author(s):

    Session Description:

    Baba Shiv , Professor of NeuroScience at Stanford University delves into the surprising workings of the brain. Deftly incorporating the anatomy of the brain, Shiv makes the case that emoitional responses are vital to responsible decision making.

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