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Neuroplasticity for achieving your maximum potential

Instructor(s): Pratap, Dr. Mahendra
Pratap, Dr. Mahendra

Title: CEO

Company: Progia

Website: http://www.progia.com

Mahendra has a distinguished background as a scientist and as an entrepreneur. Mahendra was employed with AT&T and Lucent Technologies for 20 years where he specialized in video communications, personal computer design, ATM and IP networking.

Mahendra has a PhD in Nuclear Physics and has authored over 2 dozen scientific papers.

, Self Paced Open Education Resource
Self Paced Open Education Resource

Title: The Best Teachers in the World

Progia Staff in consultation with the experts in their respective fields have scoured the open education resources to design and organize this course.

Progia salutes the content authors and their respective education institutes. Progia also acknowledges their expertise and generous contributions for making learning more accessible.

Course Description:

Psychological healing and growth, as well as spiritual awakening, all involve changes in your brain. Until recently, these changes inside the "black box" of the brain were mysterious. Now, modern neuroscience is beginning to reveal how you can use your mind alone to activate and gradually strengthen the neural circuits of mindfulness, wholeheartedness, and inner peace. This talk will explore the science of self-directed neuroplasticity, and present several practical methods you can use to change your brain - and thus your life - for the better.

Course Sessions:
  • Neurological of Awakening
  • Content Author(s): Dr. Rick Hansen

    Session Description:

    The Neuroscientist, Dr. Rick Hansen brings togetherr learnings from psychology, brain science, and the contemplative traditions in this remarkable lecture. The lecture and associated tools can help reduce stress, sorrow, fear, and anger; to promote well-being and personal growth;

  • Enhancing Learning and Memory: Remembering More without Working Harder
  • Content Author(s):

    Session Description:

    A common assumption is that the more information we process, the better we learn and memorize. But recent research shows this is not the case. Dr. Einstein talks about how we learn, and offers strategies for efficiently improving learning and long-term retention.

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