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OER for Learning and Teaching

Instructor(s): Pathak, Mr. Navin
Pathak, Mr. Navin

Title: Senior Partner

Company: Entry India

Contact Information:


Navin Pathak is a co-founder of Entry India, LLC and serves as a Senior Partner with the firm. Navin is an expert in identifying opportunities in India and successfully connecting them with investors.

Co-editor of Entry India's well acclaimed 'India Business and Travel Guide', Navin has also served as a guest speaker at several business events both in the U.S. and in India.

Navin began his business career with a start-up Egenex Business Services where he focused on business development and strategic planning for the firm. Prior to Egenex, Navin worked with premier companies like ITT Industries and Cable & Wireless.

Navin holds a masters in Engineering Management with core focus on Information Security from George Washington University and a bachelors in Electrical Engineering from George Mason University.

, Pratap, Dr. Mahendra
Pratap, Dr. Mahendra

Title: CEO

Company: Progia


Mahendra has a distinguished background as a scientist and as an entrepreneur. Mahendra was employed with AT&T and Lucent Technologies for 20 years where he specialized in video communications, personal computer design, ATM and IP networking.

Mahendra has a PhD in Nuclear Physics and has authored over 2 dozen scientific papers.

, Self Paced Open Education Resource
Self Paced Open Education Resource

Title: The Best Teachers in the World

Progia Staff in consultation with the experts in their respective fields have scoured the open education resources to design and organize this course.

Progia salutes the content authors and their respective education institutes. Progia also acknowledges their expertise and generous contributions for making learning more accessible.

Course Description:

Open Education Resources (OER) are digitized materials offered freely and openly to use and adapt for teaching, learning and research.

The OER movement is part of a global effort to make knowledge available to all. In fact it is the best way to take advantage of widely available, digital material on the Internet for teaching and learning. It can dramatically improve the access to education, enhance the quality of education and reduce the cost of education. Teachers can craft richer and engaging learning experiences for their students by using OER, leading to better learning outcomes and reduced dropout rates.

This course (and the accompanying workshop) is for students, teachers, managers and policy makers of Education Institutes.

It starts with an introduction to OER, and why it matters.

Next it discusses "How OER are licensed to allow for their reuse and re-purposing by others".

The course continues with step by step instructions on "How to find, adapt and use OER".

Using OER in the Class Room is the next topic. It is emphasized that social media and networking are integral part of OER movement.

For the initiaited, we then present technology behind OER: eLearning Systems, Creation and Editing Software and Tools, Mobile devices etc.

To conclude,  we present a special module titled "Relevance and Importance of OER For India Education System":

Course Sessions:
  • 1. Introduction to OER
  • Content Author(s): Navin Pathak, Steven Roy Goodman. University of the District of Columbia,, ISKME

    Session Description:


    - What are Open Education Resources (OER)
    - Background and history: (& who are the key players)
    - Importance of OER in Education

    Video:  Teachers and students share their views on OER in Education, adapted from ISKME production "Game Changer"

    Handout 1: Advantages and disadvantages of using OERs, University of Maryland University College:

    Handout 2: How Open Education Resources work,  the Scholarly Publishing and Academic Resources Coalition (SPARC®)

  • 1.1 Why Open Education Matters
  • Content Author(s): Blink Tower, David White, Marion Manton, Elizabeth Masterman, Joanna Wild, Nicola Warren

    Session Description:

    OER aims to bring high quality education material to teachers and students every where.

    Video: "Why OER Matters", Blink Tower, Cape Town, South Africa

    • Top notch learning materials that are never out of date
    • Available 24x7
    • Reduced Cost:
      • the courses are mostly free
      • free text books are available


    Digital resources are becoming an inevitable part of students’ learning. experience. This excellent report titled "OER: Value of Resue in Higher Education" outlines the range of online resources that are being used and how, when, where and why they are being incorporated into learning.

  • 2. Intellectual Property Rights of Educational Material
  • Content Author(s): Navin Pathak, Isaac Pineda

    Session Description:

    It is important to understand a little about legal issues in the use and re-use of OER before we delve deeper into other topics. Educational material may have one of the following 'license' associated with it:

    - Copyright: All Rights Reserved
    - Creative Commons license: Some Rights Reserved
    - Public Domain: No Rights Reserved

    In the video, Isaac Pineda discusses all three.He also notes that if you create an original work (music, video, blog, speech, image, code, a story, a book, a play...almost anything, Copyright is automatic, the author does not have to do anything.


  • 2.1 Fair Use, Teach ACT, Youtube Videos in Classroom
  • Content Author(s): Ruth Carter

    Session Description:

    Phoenix copyright attorney Ruth Carter discusses how copyright and the concept of fair use apply to educational settings.

    Teachers are generally allowed to use others' work in the classroom so long as there is an educational purpose. They can't use anything they want simply for entertainment purposes - like showing a video on a rainy day.

    Teachers also have an obligation to educate students about the basics of copyright law and to teach them how to properly use materials hey find on the internet.

    The handout provides guidelines for using Youtube Videos in classroom.

  • 3 Finding and Using OER
  • Content Author(s): Navin Pathak, Open professional education network,, Dr. Rory McGreal

    Session Description:

    - OER Repositories and Portals
    - OER Metadata
    - Search Engines and Search Tools

    There are three handouts in this Session that discuss

    -finding OER

    -discovery and search of OER
    - Giving proper Attribution

  • 3.1 Using OER in the Class Room
  • Content Author(s): Navin Pathak, Gary Spracklen, Med Kharbach, Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

    Session Description:

    How OER is changing class room, the changing role of teachers and students, new models of Teaching and Learning

    Video: what, why and how of a flipped classroom

    Handout  1: Whar are MOOCs and why they are important?

    Handout 2: Teachers's Guide to a Connected Classroom

    Handout 3: How teachers can use Social Media for their class

    Handout 4: Mobile devices for learning

    In the next Session, How to assess OER for Relevance and Quality is presented among other items.

  • 3.2 Creating and Publishing OER
  • Content Author(s): Mahendra Pratap,, col

    Session Description:

    - Transforming teaching materials into OERs
    - Re-usability and Visibility of OER
    - Check List for OER Release
    - Choosing the right License
    - Registry


    A step-by-step process of creating a derivative work, choosing a Creative Commons license, and applying the license to the work,


    How do you define and assess the quality of OER material?

    The discussion is adapted from COL's guidelines for prospective OER authors to improve the quality of their work.
    Teachers or students can use the guidelines to better judge the quality of OER they retrieve from the Internet.
    In both cases of authoring and of re-using OER, the aim is to stimulate the gradual development of a culture of quality surrounding the use, reuse and sharing of OER to generally improve teaching and learning.


  • 3.3. Software and Tools for creating and publishing OER
  • Content Author(s): Navin Pathak, Bjorn Hanson, Sandi Lin, CEO Skilljar, Intel Digital Solutions , DigitalJLearning Network

    Session Description:


    Demonstration of tools that are used to create screencasting videos, Bjorn Hanson

    Handout 1:

    A  Guide to Hosting and Delivery of teaching material, Sandi Lin, CEO Skilljar

    Handout 2: 

    "How to select an Learning Management System?",

    Handout 3: 

    Overview of some popular Learning Management Systems, DigitalJLearning Network

  • 4. Relevance and Importance of OER for India
  • Content Author(s): Mahendra Pratap, Navin Pathak

    Session Description:

    Lecture: OER has the promise to meet huge challenges facing Education system in India: soaring demand, capacity gap and access inequality. It benefits the students, faculty and the Education institutes. A brief review of current OER initiatives in India is also presented.

    Handout 2: OER Policy by National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology (NMEICT)

  • Course Summary & OER Quiz
  • Content Author(s): Navin Pathak

    Session Description:

    Collectively, we can be greater than me
    Teachers can craft learning experiences by orchestrating webs of content, tools, opportunities and connections.