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Persuasion: Getting people to say yes to your requests

Instructor(s): Self Paced Open Education Resource
Self Paced Open Education Resource

Title: The Best Teachers in the World

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Course Description:

Psychology of persuading people to your point of view is presented first. Next a series of lectures provide practical tools and tips on how to apply the learnings to your daily life. Some magic words when used in your communication dramatically increase your success in persuading people.

Course Sessions:
  • Session 1: The Psychology of Persuasion
  • Content Author(s): Michael Pitluk

    Session Description:

    This video summarizes the first chapter, "Weapons of influence," of Robert Cialdini's book, "Influence." It covers the trigger features of human compliance: "because," "expensive = good," and the contrast principle.

  • Session 2: Scientifically Proven Ways to be Persuasive
  • Content Author(s): Cialdini

    Session Description:

    Animation describing the Universal Principles of Persuasion based on the research of Dr. Robert Cialdini, Professor Emeritus of Psychology and Marketing, Arizona State University.


  • Session 3: Words that Change Minds
  • Content Author(s): Kevin Hogan

    Session Description:

    The speaker presents Seven Persuasion and Influence Words That Change People Minds.

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