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Public Speaking and Presentation Skills

Instructor(s): Self Paced Open Education Resource
Self Paced Open Education Resource

Title: The Best Teachers in the World

Progia Staff in consultation with the experts in their respective fields have scoured the open education resources to design and organize this course.

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Course Description:

Every time you stand in front of a group, you must achieve two basic goals. First, you need to communicate a message. And second, you need to communicate your personality — who you are as a professional and as an individual.

By understanding the principles and the techniques presented in this class, you can enhance your effectiveness in both.

Course Sessions:
  • Basic Principles of Effective Presentations
  • Content Author(s): Oscar Retterer

    Session Description:

    Oscar Retterer, Director of Instructional and Emerging Technologies at Franklin and Marshall expertly outlines the process of making effective presentations from concept to delivery.

    He summarizes guidelines and shares tips for thinking about the process steps (Planning, Producing, Practicing, and Presenting) of making effective presentations.

    The handout for this session is from It shows how to communicate both your message and your personality to your audience in a memorable way.

  • Techniques for Better Public Speaking
  • Content Author(s): Jay from Toastmasters

    Session Description:

    Toastmasters introduction to public speaking. The time tested basic principles that will help you master a topic and present it well. Following these will ensure your next speech goes smoothly and your audience gets more from the experience.

  • Enhancing Your Presentations Style
  • Content Author(s): J Douglas Jefferys

    Session Description:

    J Douglas Jefferys of shows you a few simple behaviors you need to follow for more effective public speaking.

  • Overcoming Fear of Public Speaking
  • Content Author(s): ANTworkstudio

    Session Description:

    How do you overcome the fear of public speaking? You start with learning the basic fundamentals of giving a GREAT speech. Learning the basics will build confidence you need for public speaking.

    Before giving a speech, a little anxiety is normal; however, everyone is different and there is no one cure-all to conquer fears and phobias. Get the fundamentals down and then discover what your true fear is.

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