The Brain Science

The Brain Science

Ever wonder, how our brain makes sense of the world around it? How do we remember things and recall the past events? How we learn new things? Why we have emotions? Can we control them? What makes us different from each other? Are we born with different intelligence, skills and talents? Is there a neural basis for these differences?

We are excited to learn from  "neuro scientists" that:

  • The human brain has amazing potential, it is naturally creative and adaptive, it is plastic, it makes new purposeful connections rapidly over its entire life.
  • The skills for success can be learnt by anyone. For instance, we can learn to better assess and temper our natural response to the world around us, overriding our evolutionary instincts.

The insights and breakthroughs made by the scientists in their labs can be applied to our daily lives, in our homes, in our schools and at our jobs. There are new techniques and tools to enhance our brains to become more effective in dealing with the changing world much as we engage in physical exercise to make our bodies stronger and use lenses to see better. By practice, we can learn to remember more, recall faster, solve problems more creatively, delay self gratification, plan better for the future, manage ever increasing information overload, and cope with stress. But first we should learn how our brains really work. How can we be in control of something if we don’t know what it is and how it works? It is a noble quest. Let us get started!

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