OER for Training Companies




 How Training Companies Can Benefit from OER?

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1. Powerful Forces are Reshaping the Education System

The Transformation of Education System is Driven by:

  • Open Education Resources (OER)**
  • Mobile Connectivity
  • Social Media

** Teaching and learning materials that are freely available online for anyone to use thus providing open access to high-quality education resources on a global scale.


2. When this Tsunami Hits Training Industry

  • Highly Disruptive of the revenue model of $300 Billion Training Industry
  • The highly fragmented training industry will face stiff competition from well funded global players
  • Must Adapt to the new environment or Perish
  • In fact turn this into an opportunity to Expand scope and size of your business


3. Challenges for Training Centers

  • Small and mid-sized training centers are facing multiple business and technical challenges in the current environment
  • Business model is threatened
  • Resource issues when competing with MOOCs
  • Need to cater to global audience
  • Need to offer best-of-the-breed content


4. Winning Formula for Training Companies

  • Compelling Content: real solution to a real problem
  • Value: exclusive content, authority, certification  Choices: when, where and how many participants  Recognition: promotion, brand name, word of mouth from satisfied trainees
  • Flexibility: competitive offers, ability to quickly adapt
  • to new technology, competition and business models
  • Job Placement: job search, resume writing, cover letter, interview skills


5. Optimum Solution Must

  • Cater to global audience: Use On-line Learning and Content Management System to let students take training on-demand, any place and at any time
  • Offer best-of-breed content: Use Open Education Resources to either supplement your own courses or create new courses according to your market needs
  • Increase revenue: Cross license compelling content with other training companies
  • ‘Open LearnWare’
  • A learning and teaching solution that lets a training company do this and more Effortlessly


6. Examples on Using OER

Example 1: Consider, for instance, a course titled “Mobile App Development” is needed in IT curriculum.

Now, this course is already available as an OER course from Stanford University and can be accessed at their website by anyone. A student can take this class for free from this website.

An IT training company can use this material to supplement their own course.

An Entrepreneur can make this course more suitable for entry level students with detailed examples, language translation, development tools and start a training class to teach hands-on course on Mobile app development.

Example 2: Consider a training company that teaches Finance and Accounting to College graduates.

Now the training company wants to prepare their students in “soft skills” such as interviewing skills, resume writing, team work etc.
They can select material from the available OER courses for this purpose and use their existing staff instead of hiring an expert in soft skills.

Example 3: Consider a training company teaching an auto repair course to its students.

In the work shop, it will have limited samples for hands-on work and demonstration.
Supplementing this with some OER material on-line,  they can expose students to many more variations of the workshop in real life environments with videos and simulations.

7. With Open LearnWare

    Training Companies Can

  • Offer an 24x7 online learning option to their students
  • Supplement their current classes with on-line practice sessions,
  • learning assessment and reporting.
  • Offer compelling content by integrating OER into courses
  • Expand Business by cross licensing training courses/materials

    Students Can

  • Take high quality courses on-line 24x7
  • Learn at their own pace at their own time
  • Take on-line assessments any time
  • Immediate feedback improves comprehension.
  • Interact with their peers and with the instructor with on-line forums and discussion groups.
  • Increased motivation, retaining knowledge by sharing it with peers

    Instructors Can

  • Use an existing course (OER based or cross licensed) to teach their class
  • Customize an OER based course or build a new course
  • Organize and manage their 'teaching material' online conveniently and safely
  • Monitor enrolled students and their progress
  • Benefits
  • Reduced time to organize course material
  • Less effort in test preparation and grading
  • Reduced routine lecture time
  • Improved quality of interactions with students

8. How does Open LearnWare compare with existing products?
Solutions like Blackboard, Pearson, Moodle are

  • Resource Intensive: higher cost to set-up, to learn, to operate
  • Inflexible: configuration, deployment, integration with OER

9. In Summary,

There are Compelling Reasons for training companies to use OER

LearnWare Makes it easy for them to benefit from OER

  • Integrates OER mobility and social media effortlessly
  • Easy to use
  • Scalable & Expandable
  • Flexible
  • Cost effective