Taking Course

LearnWare Course Site

Here is how to take a  LearnWare Course on this site:

  1. Select a Course Category from the home page. From other pages, you can select it  using the left side box labeled "Categories and Courses".

    A list of Courses in that category will be displayed.

  2. Select a Course from the list
  3. Review the Course: description, instructor, sessions, etc. Note that the instructor's profile is displayed when you 'mouse-over' the instructor's name and the session description is shown when you mouse-over a session's title.
  4. To take a course, you first need to sign-up for the course. If you have already signed up, log-in using the 'login' button
  5. Click on the "Take the Course" button on the bottom of the Course page.
  6. You will be directed to LearnWare Reader also known as LearnWare Course Viewer

If you want to sign up for a course,  please send us an email at npathak@progia.com with the following information: Your name,  email, course title and a brief purpose for taking the course. Alternately you can use the "Contact Us" menu item to send us your request. We will promptly send you log-in details.


LearnWare Course Viewer

The LearnWare Course Viewer is separated into 3 main areas:

  • Course Title Upper Left - The Course you are currently taking is listed here.

The Course description appears in the center right panel.

  • Session Listing Lower Left - The sessions for the current Course are listed in this panel.

Click on a Session title to select that Session. When a Session is selected, it expands to display its description. Under each session title, there is a button labled "Start this Session". To take this Session, click on this Start This Session  link.

The session material: video lecture, lecture hand outs, session assignments,session quiz are organized under multiple tabs in the center right panel. By default, the video lecture (if it exists) is open. You can select any tab to review the material under it.

When finished with one Session, you can change sessions to view, by clicking on the title of an alternate session.

  • Description / Action Center Right - When the Course is first selected, the description of the course is displayed here. When "Take This Session" is selected, the material for the Session is displayed in a series of tabs. If a specific type of material does not exist for that Session, its tab will be grayed out. You can choose the tab that you want to view.